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About Repeat Champions

August 30, 2012

None of the current champions in the 4 major team sports have ever repeated as champions in the following season. Only two other “quartet of champions” has yet to have even one of that quartet repeat as champions at any time in their history. Those other times were 1969-1970 and 2002-2003 (all seasons are counted that way with baseball and football as the year most of it was played which is the earlier year, while basketball and hockey have more action and its playoffs in the later year.) Thus the current champions (St.Louis Cardinals, New York Giants, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Kings) comprise the 2011-2012 season. This includes every season from 1946-1947, (the first year of the NBA, the youngest of the 4 leagues) until the present. More succinctly; of the 66 years with the 4 leagues in operation only in 1969-1970, 2002-2003 and 2011-2012 were there 4 league champions, none of whom have ever repeated as league champion in their history.

The St.Louis Cardinals and New York Giants, the current baseball and football title holders each won it all in 1934. The Cardinals’ Joe “Ducky” Medwick was pelted with garbage and the Giants used sneakers to gain the advantage in the teams’ respective  final victories. Neither repeated as champion in 1935 nor any time in each franchise’s storied history. Only the Yankees have more World Series wins than the Cardinals but after the previous 10 Cards’ titles, there was no repeat title. That includes volatile 1968 when America suffered myriad tragedies and the Detroit Tigers with Mickey Lolich winning 3 series games, overcame a (3-1) World Series deficit to beat the Cardinals. The Cardinals also lost in the World Series trying to repeat as champion in 1943.

The Giants have won 6 previous NFL Titles and never repeated as champion in the following season. Twice in 1935 and 1939 they lost in the championship game in a bid to repeat as champion. The Miami Heat have but one previous title and failed to repeat while this is the first title for the Los Angeles Kings.

The 4 (1969-1970) champions all of whom have never repeated as league champions were the New York Mets, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Knicks and Boston Bruins. The teams have combined for only 4 titles in the over 40 years since. The Kansas City Chiefs have not even made the finals since their (1969-1970) title. Kansas City gained the title as “double digit” underdogs vs the Minnesota Vikings in the 4th Super Bowl (that was the first of 4 Super losses for Minnesota and they have never won one) which was the last game for an AFL team.

The 4 (2002-2003) champions, all of whom have never repeated as league champions were the Anaheim Angels, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ,San Antonio Spurs and New Jersey Devils. Since that season, the Spurs have won 2 titles and none of the other teams has won any. The Devils’ finals loss this past season was the only finals appearance other than the Spurs’ 2 titles for that quartet of teams since 2002-2003.

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