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Dinner at the Carnegie Deli

August 21, 2012

It had been a long while since I had dinner at the famous Carnegie Delicatessen located on 7th avenue at 55th street in Manhattan. It is still a great, albeit, slightly expensive place to visit. The food is beyond great.

I savored a pastrami sandwich (no nickname) and it was big and delicious. Two people ordered the “Woody Allen” which is a combination sandwich consisting of pastrami and corned beef. The reviews were excellent. One other person; a younger, growing football player could not come close to finishing the open brisket sandwich that he ordered. He loved it and took it home as at did 3 of the 4 men at the table.

Once there was a time I went to the “Carnegie” and ate late and unhealthy well past midnight. Celebrities were there, so many of them pictured on the walls of the Carnegie Delicatessen right now. Those times are likely gone for me, but young or old, go in early or late and “mangia” as we say in French. (laugh?) The food is still incredible, the portions huge and the atmosphere great.

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