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Movie Review: “People Like Us”

July 14, 2012

“People Like Us,” the new movie directed by Alex Kurtzman, has a diverse cast and excellent story. It proved to be more than just summer entertainment. It told the story of a family–especially a brother and sister who heretofore had not known of  each other’s existence.

Sam, played with breezy cool by Chris Pine, is purposely late for his father’s funeral but in settling his father’s estate discovers he has a sister and nephew. His beautiful half sister “Frankie” is played by Elizabeth Banks. Her character is working hard on many things in her life, largely to make things better for her precocious son played by Michael Hall D’Addario.

Special mention to Phillip Baker Hall, who played the attorney for Sam and Frankie’s late father. I like the matter of fact style that defines his work. (Hall played the beyond determined librarian who tracks down a long overdue book on a memorable “Seinfeld” TV episode).

Overall, “People Like Us” gave us good,conflicted characters with an unusual and powerful family dynamic. This manifested in some really nice performances. The cast also includes the still beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer who plays Sam’s mother. Their complicated relationship with its secrets unfolds in a consistent orbit with Sam discovering his sister “Frankie.”

The music is excellent as it showcases the record collection left to Sam by his late father a prominent “A and R” man (artists &repertoire: a veritable talent scout) in the music business. “Credits watchers” were rewarded with the following: Original Music: A.R. Rahman.

I strongly suggest seeing “People Like Us.” It’s a movie with a good deal of humor that takes a good look at a truly unusual family situation.

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