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WCBS-FM “Legends of Disco;” Joe Causi Shines

April 2, 2012

It was a quite an evening at the Hammerstein Ballroom on March 31, 2012 when WCBS-FM presented “The Legends of Disco,” which was co-hosted by dance legend Deney Terrio and WCBS-FM’s own Joe Causi. Both did great jobs, and, by the way, Terrio’s dancing ability is still “off the charts” great.

Causi was masterful as a co-host blending stories, personal favorites, humor and doing all the thank you’s and promotions in a way that did not deter from the music one bit. He is a true professional and was great to talk with after the event. (He told me his nephew Anthony Causi is a photographer with The New York Post.)

Joe truly had a great time mixing and moving some great acts and interacting with Terrio. At one point, Terrio revealed he was from Revere, Massachusetts near Boston only to be chided in fun by Causi.

It was a festive event: people “going back in time,” dancing, and having fun. Causi, “Brooklyn’s own,” talked of 86th street in Brooklyn and “Saturday Night Fever.” His stories and pacing contributed mightily to a great show and evening.

We will have much more on the music and chats/interviews I had with Deney Terrio and others.

Denny Terrio, Joe Causi, Nile Rodgers

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  1. Thanks for viewing the post. I checked again and the spelling is Deney Terrio.

    Perhaps you have inside information or better yet a way I can send Mr. Terrio a nice photo from that evening.

    No matter how his name is spelled, Deney Terrio is a fabulous performer.

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