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50 Years, 100 Points

March 1, 2012

Numbers such as 1, 10, 25, 50 and 100 stand out in our culture. So do sports records, especially those that last a long time and perhaps stand for all time. One such record: Wilton Norman Chamberlain’s 100 point game, was set exactly 50 years ago this Friday, on Friday March 2, 1962 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The greater feat was Chamberlain averaging over 50 points per game for the entire 1961-1962 season. However, you can read all this in a record book where Chamberlain’s name still and likely always will be all over the scoring record’s page. I want to address the issue of Wilt not getting enough credit for being on 2 NBA championship teams ( the 1966-1967 Philadelphia 76ers and the 1971-1972 Los Angeles Lakers) that for well over 20 years had the two greatest records in NBA history. That fact, and others, were never cited in the piece by Disney’s “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network” when Wilt was named one of the top athletes of the twentieth century. Then again, you know what they say about opinions.

The great John Unitas had a distant ranking in that show but he noted “at least I finished ahead of a horse.” Put horse’s in front of what opinions are compared to and you get what people are who deny Wilt his place in sport’s history. Sure that is my opinion, but there are substantial facts behind that opinion. Oops, did I say “behind. ”  Oh well, that is the word often linked with opinions.


Wilt Chamberlain

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  1. Wow! 100 points. Happened “before my time” as the older men like to say. Would’ve like to have seen “The Big Dipper” in his offensive prime when he had that terrific fadeaway jump shot that he used to bank high off the glass. Supposeably the only man ever to block ever it (even though technically it was called goaltending) was New York City playground legend Jackie Jackson, as he went into the stratosphere to pin hit high on the board one afternoon at Harlem’s famed Rucker Tournament. As described in Dave Wolf’s “Foul,” Wilt became so enraged he began to grab every rebound, dunked every followup, and scored about thirty points in five minutes.”

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