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NFL Post Division Round Notes

January 16, 2012

Three teams in NFL playoff history won three road games and then the Super Bowl at a neutral site.  All three of those teams lost in their next playoff game, which in all three cases was a home game.  After the Steelers won three road playoff games after the 2005 season and then won the Super Bowl, they missed the playoffs in 2006. But in 2007,  they lost a wild card round playoff game at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Giants, who are making another amazing run now, had the all time run in 2007. They were winners on the road three times and then beat undefeated New England in the Super Bowl. However, the next year as the NFC top seed, The Giants lost at home to the Eagles.

Now this year after winning three road games and The Super Bowl last year, The Packers lose in their next playoff game which was at home to the Giants. The Giants win at Green Bay stretched the streak to 34 out of 34 years, that the home team has not won all the games in both the wild card round and the divisional round.

NY Giants

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