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Great Rivals In A Better Place?

Alas, did you note the March 8th date, as then it marked 41 years since two other great sports rivals, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali met for the heavyweight boxing crown. 

Joe Frazier won that night and Ali would win the last two of their 3 epic bouts.

I would like to think with now, all 4 of these greats gone from this, they are enjoying each other’s company in a better place, enriched with the knowledge their great rivalries made them and us, to a large degree, better.

Maybe Ali and Frazier are again driving from Philadelphia to New York, Ali talking incessantly with Joe actually enjoying/enduring it from behind the wheel.

Wilt and “Russ” might be playing with Bill’s great electric trains. That reminds me of Moses, no not the great denied the “promised land” “despite,” man, but Malone.

See last night (cue Marilyn McCoo and the Fifth Dimension) as “I could not sleep,” and a recording cited Russell’s praise of Malone’s greatness in ’83, as “here comes that train again.”

The Moses Malone train was on time, leading his 76ers to their lone crown in the 55 seasons (Wilt once had 55 rebounds in a game!!) since Wilt led a great ’67 team to the title, the one time in 8 playoff series any of his teams (the Warriors, Sixers or Lakers) won vs Bill Russell’s Celtics.


Important To Recall And Rate Best, Wilt’s Scoring Zest

Today marks the 61 year anniversary of Wilton Norman Chamberlain scoring 100 points in a single game, having done so on March 2, 1962 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

It is the first time Wilt’s great feat is remembered without 11 time NBA champion Bill Russell, as with Wilt, who died 23 and a half years ago, no longer on the earth.

Speaking of 23, it is noted that the (in my opinion) undeserving, #23, LeBron James now holds the all-time NBA career scoring record. Another time, I will detail why another #23, Michael Jordan, again, in my opinion, has a discernibly better “body of work” than James.

Though I reviewed Mr. Russell well, (see below) in a show about Wilt’s 100 in which he recited Wilt’s full name as I did above, again another time regarding friends not talking as was the now under publicized situation involving Wilt and “Russ,” starting after the latter’s final game, of course a title winner vs Wilt, on May 5, 1969.

“What’s My Line?” May 1954–Ted Williams Is The Mystery Guest

It has been a while since I posted a video of the great television show, “What’s My Line?”

As a bit of a make up, below I think you will enjoy the show from May 23, 1954 with the great Ted Williams as the mystery guest.

John Charles Daly is the show’s host. Panelists that Sunday night after an exciting (10-9) Red Sox win at Yankee Stadium vs the Yankees in one of just two seasons the Yankees did not win the A.L. Pennant from (1949-1964), were Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf.

Of course a la, as noted by Morris Carnovsky (“A.R. Lowenthal”) regarding James Caan’s “Axel,” in “The Gambler,” Mr. Williams had on his “favorite tie.”

He was not wearing one.




K.C./Houston Notes

I noted the 5/10 years ago teams to win the NFL crown and also the same calendar years as 2022 that did so.

However, I neglected to cite or “consider” the two “all the way” AFL crowns in such situations and thus missed the winner, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sixty years earlier in 1962, as the Dallas Texans, (similar in name to this year’s winning field goal(s) maker, Harrison “B”utk”ER,”) it was Tommy “B”rook”ER,” who also booted a short field goal, his in the second overtime of the AFL Championship Game, that gave the Texans, playing their last season in Dallas, before becoming the Kansas City Chiefs, the title.

The Texans defeated the Houston Oilers in that game.

Houston had won the first two AFL crowns, including the first one, that in “same calendar” as 2022, 1960.

Of course, the current baseball championship team resides in Houston, namely the Astros, whose first season as the then Colt-45’s, was in 1962.


I still hope to talk with Abner Haynes, an integral member of the ’62 AFL champion Dallas Texans and later among the leaders, as players protested the ’65 AFL All Star tilt locale being in segregated New Orleans.

Another Houston “link,” as the game was moved there. It was played at Jeppesen Stadium, the site of the Texans 1962 AFL title game, 2 OT’s win vs the Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans.

Baseball Starts And “Surprise” I Cite It

Surprise, or as Jim Nabors’ “Gomer Pyle” (ode to the Bears Mike Pyle “over the ball,” as the team’s center) would say, “surprise/surprise,” as I cite baseball begins today, with two exhibition games, one at Surprise Stadium, in Surprise, Arizona.

In that game, the two teams that share the facility, the Kansas City Royals (today’s home team, on Sunday Texas will be the home team when they play again) and Texas Rangers will meet.

Texas, the big league team that has gone the longest without ever winning a title, ( 61 completed seasons, having begun play as the expansion Washington Senators in 1961 and oh the heartbreak of the 2011 World Series loss to the St. Louis Cardinals and David Freese’s great play) is now managed by Bruce Bochy, who guided the Giants to 3 titles, the first of which in 2010, ended a 56 year/ 54 completed seasons title drought, as their last crown before 2010, came in 1954, as the New York Giants.

Speaking of the Giants and Surprise Stadium, one week hence, Giants’ “supporter deluxe” and a key member of the New York Giants Preservation Society, Steve Rothschild will throw out the first ball, at a game between the Giants and the Bochy managed Texas Rangers.

The Royals start 2023 with two titles and with the only other Kansas City major sports league team, the Chiefs, having just won a third crown, meaning they “held” the Lombardi Trophy.


1971 Ticketron Claude Osteen.jpg

Claude Osteen helped turn the ’65 World Series in the Dodgers’ favor as he won game 3 at home, to cut the Minnesota Twins (the original Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins in 1961) W.S. lead to (2-1).

In ’61 Osteen was traded by the pennant winning Cincinnati Reds to the first year Senators in September.

In return, the Reds received pitcher, Dave Sisler, the son of the great player George Sisler.

One Monday Night Juan Dixon Then And 21 Years Later

Juan Dixon was named the Most Outstanding (Nantz will cite one for the 33rd and last time within 2 months it is “Most Outstanding” not “Most Valuable”) Player as his Maryland team won their lone NCAA Basketball crown in 2002.

I had the game’s end on, but was talking to my late cousin Neil when that game ended on a Monday night.

Now Dixon is in at Coppin State (it is “cop in” not “cope in,” Arthur Ralph and Neil called me Ralph and he is among those on my 2015 ramble), his team now (7-21) after a shocking upset win over now (19-8) Norfolk State (ode to the great Bob Dandridge) Monday night past.

A “The Rifleman” writer was Albert Aley, not the great Alvin Ailey, but as Caan’s “Axel” said upon, being called “Alex” and not “Axel Fried,” in the great film, “The Gambler,” close enough to cite here.


Jim Tatum.jpg

Jim Tatum, pictured above was the Maryland football coach when they won their lone “mythical” crown in 1953.

He preceded the great Bud Wilkinson at Oklahoma (the “e-tooer,” Stone said Oklahoma “as”) having coached there one season in ’46. 

Wilkinson was the Sooners’ coach from (’47-’63). 

UFC 285: Jones vs Gane at Hoops Cabaret!

Hoops Cabaret in New York City will be showing the Saturday, March 4th big UFC 285 event. At Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar, fans can view the matches while also enjoying the beautiful Hoops Cabaret girls who perform on stages and up close and personal. 

“Jon Jones is fighting Ciryl Gane,” said Hoops girl Alicia. “It’s a big event and we will have the hottest girls here to entertain and seduce you. Come make it rain!” 

The matches will be shown on the Hoops x3000 Mega-Tron Video Wall and numerous HD TVs and flat screens throughout the three-story club giving every seat a clear view of all the action. 

Hoops Cabaret combines the excitement of a gentlemen’s club with the fun of a sports bar. Lots of gorgeous Hoops girls, and an exciting UFC card–sounds like fun! 

HOOPS Cabaret and Sports Bar

48 West 33rd Street, New York City

Amidst Much: Chocolate Ice Cream

Amidst the so much, beautiful and talented Stella Stevens, brilliant Richard Belzer and key home run in ’64 World Series, Tim McCarver among others dying and the out of nowhere, 39th U.S. President, for whom Dad and I stayed up late rewarded by his close victory, Jimmy Carter about to –let’s escape with thoughts of chocolate ice cream.

Limitations, especially those regarding reactions to cold have denied the pleasure of indulging in eating some.

Yet the memories of chocolate ice cream, my mother’s clear favorite–mine once was vanilla and Dad’s might have been pistachio are all warm.

On we must go!


“M’s” Have Triumphed VS Philadelphia Teams In Final Round Entities

The city of Philadelphia fell to (17-23) in final round entities when the Chiefs with Patrick “M”ahomes gaining a second Supe crown and MVP award in that game, directing a game winning field goal drive, severely aided and abetted by a second straight year Super Bowl, deciding defensive holding call.

“M” ahomes joins an impressive list of players whose surname or in the case of one two time final round MVP vs Philly, Earvin “M”agic Johnson, nickname that delivered big time vs a Philadelphia team in a final round entity.

Start with the greatest pitching performance in World Series history that of the New York Giants’ Christy “M”athewson, who hurled 3 shutouts vs the Philadelphia Athletics, in the 1905 World Series.

The A’s are all-time (9-5) in World Series play, (5-3) when in Philadelphia.

A second A’s loss while in Philly was led by John “Pepper” “M”artin, who went 12 for 24 at the plate, the dozen hits a record at the time.

I will get back to baseball and 3 becomes operative as thrice an “M” player did great to help sink a Philly final round entity team, but how about football vs the Eagles as another “M”artin, Rod had a game record 3 interceptions for the Oakland Raiders in their (27-10) win vs the Eagles in the ’80 season Supe.

Earlier in the week I cited the fact (on NPR “the fact absolute power corrupts absolutely was simultaneously stated on “Snap Judgment”) the great Chuck Howley finally made the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He shares the career int record with Martin and another Cowboys’ player, Larry Brown.

In 1983, 1993 and 2009 an “M” player truly helped his team beat a Philadelphia team in the baseball final/World Series.

I was at an ABC Studio watching their broadcast for both #’s 4 and 5 and in the 5th game on Sunday October 16th (in ’69 W.S. games were Saturday October 11th, Sunday, Tuesday Oct. 14th, Wednesday and concluded on Thursday October 16th with the Mets having won the last 4 to “5” the Orioles) Eddie Murray cracked 2 home runs as his Baltimore Orioles made it 4 straight wins to “5” the Philadelphia Phillies with games having been played on Tuesday October 11th, Wednesday, Friday October 14th, Saturday and as cited above concluded with “M”urray’s 2 H.R. performance leading the O’s, to date last title in their last to date, World Series appearance, nearly 40 years ago in 1983.

Hall of Fame Player Paul Molitor was the World Series MVP when the Toronto Blue Jays repeated as World Series winners, 6′ ing the Phils in the ’93 W.S.

Sixteen years later, the Yankees’ Hideki Matsui, was the MVP as the Yankees won their 27th and to date last title in their to date, last W.S. appearance, 6′ ing the Phils.

The nickname: “Magic,” as in Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who twice was the final entity MVP in Lakers’ 6 game wins vs the Sixers of Philly in ’80 and ’82.

Some turn about: A double “M,” “M”oses “M”alone was the MVP when the Sixers swept the Lakers to win their last NBA crown to date, in 1983. The Lakers went to (3-1) vs Philly in such entities winning in 5 vs the 76ers in what is their last final round entity to date, in 2001.

Back to vs Philly: A great double “M,” “M”ark “M”essier had 2 goals in his Edmonton Oilers’ rout clincher in #5 of the ’85 final.

As is often the case, nobody but me could have come up with this and likely few other than me are that interested. Those who are, see if there are more examples. Thank you.

Remembering Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch, who died days back at age 82, had acting “chops,” attitude and fierce determination.

Much of my “brain toss,” after again swallowing the sobering reminder of life/death, being now much more than original “linemaker” Damon Runyon’s 6 to 5 against us/me, moved to the one time I came “face to face” with Raquel Welch and looked briefly into her outward beauty.

She looked back, said nothing to my “I speak to Jim Brown,” (beyond regrettably, something that has not occurred in some time and I cite that Ms. Welch and activist, athlete and actor Jim Brown had great respect for each other).

Oh well, but somehow it did not bother me, the way it has when others, turned down my requests. 

That evening’s event was a screening of “Myra Breckinridge,” a 1970 film based on the novel penned by the great Gore Vidal, with Farrah Fawcett in the cast. (So were John Huston Rex Reed and Mae West).

Into the lobby that Friday night, and as was the case with me “behind” the so many contemporaries, that “knew” Raquel in their “own” way, it was the aesthetic and not the “possibility,” that moved me so, as Raquel and Farrah were pictured in the promo picture, cuddling in the same bed.

I grew up (as cited before–in many ways, I never did) with television married couples sleeping in separate beds and was “late to the party,” attended by so many my age, with Raquel Welch’s poster from “One Million Years B.C. ,” a central, (pun, maybe intended) piece.

That aspect thankfully “got there” and in a world so replete with ugly, beauty and sex appeal, such as that exuded by Raquel, is a great thing.

Yet, it is the right way, at times with ? attitude, Raquel Welch exhibited, marching through life, setting up so many less deserving and unappreciative, that resonates so intensely and largely in a positive fashion.

I hope she finds both inwardly and outwardly, “better angels” as she treks above.