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“Perry Mason” First Season Thoughts

It is time to rush off and watch vintage season 1 episodes of the iconic show, “Perry Mason.” Those shows air each weekday at both 9 AM and 11:30 PM on MeTV.

In season 1, there are little pictures of the sponsor’s products, as the credits roll at the show’s end.

Many episodes include the legendary Ray Collins as Lieutenant Tragg.

Mr. Collins was part of the Orson Welles contingent of great actors and appeared in the classic film, “Citizen Kane.”

Finally, though they do not kiss, there certainly is some flirting between Raymond Burr’s “Perry Mason” and the beautiful, classy Barbara Hale as “Della Street.”

The two actors stayed friends for their entire lives. Click below to view a great commercial with Barbara Hale.


Who Pinch Hit for Pete (Rose) ??

In 1997, outside, but near the baseball “hall,” Pete Rose and some other members of the great Cincinnati Reds’ (Big Red Machine) teams were sitting and likely signing materials.

I was effusive in my praise for the great team and Pete decided to ask me a trivia type question.

Who is the only player to pinch hit for me, he asked. Now, I will ask a question as well,  who is the only player to pinch hit for the great player, Johnny Bench?


Know the answer?  If not, guess by writing in the comments.

Later this week, more, on that day in 1997.


Cesar Geronimo - Cincinnati Reds.jpg

Cesar Geronomo, of those great “Cincy” teams, is pictured above. He is not the answer to either question.









Included: A Guest Post About Hockey

I do not believe in shorter seasons, certainly not ones that would manifest, if games return in baseball, basketball or hockey.

That does not mean I do not appreciate or in some cases did appreciate, the  meaning involved in those games/sports.

Seeking  perspective and nice writing, I offer the post below written in September 2017, by a guest writer/friend named Anne, about hockey.


Guest Post by Anne “The Only Sport I Willingly Watch on Television is Hockey” on September 7, 2017


A great player, Bryan Trottier was an integral part of 4 consecutive New York Islanders’ title teams (1980-1983).

Some Sandy (Koufax) World Series Starts Notes

It is fairly (ode to Ron (Fairly), who we lost recently and was a member of 3 L.A. Dodgers’ title teams) well known, that Sandy Koufax did not pitch in game 1 of the 1965 World Series because of his observance of the Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur.

In reviewing Sandy’s World Series starts and for that matter, his appearances (he pitched 2 scoreless innings in relief in game 1 of the ’59 World Series) it manifests that Sandy did not pitch in any Friday or Saturday/The Jewish Sabbath World Series games.

He would have, but as it turned out, he never did.

Sandy started seven World Series games, pitching on all days but Friday and Saturday. Three of those starts were on a Thursday.


Bob Shaw 1964.jpg

Bob Shaw, from Garden City, New York  pictured above, in Sandy’s words to me, “pitched a good game,” to win (1-0) vs Sandy and the Dodgers in game 5 of the 1959 World Series. Sandy was still living in Brooklyn, New York, where he was born.

Dick Donavan was brilliant in relief and I will have some notes on that game and series, in posts this week.

More Detroit Lions And Other NFL Notes

Buddy Parker was a part of three of the four Detroit Lions’ teams, that won the NFL Championship. He also has a bit of a link to the other one.

He was a player on the 1935 title team and coached the Bobby Layne led Detroit teams that beat the Cleveland Browns to win the 1952 and 1953 crowns.

In their third clash, the Browns won vs the Lions in the 1954 title game.

Before beating the Browns to win the 1957 title (teams called the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns, have won but one title since, that by the Browns in 1964, this after the Lions and Browns combined to win 6 of the 8 contested from (’50-’57), each team winning it all three times.

Before beating the Browns to win the 1957 NFL crown, the Lions beat the 49ers on the road, at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco to win a Western Conference playoff game and qualify for the subsequent title game in Detroit.

As noted in a recent post, research showed Buddy Parker’s Steelers played a “meaningless” game at Comiskey Park that same day as the Western Conference playoff (December 22nd) defeating the then Chicago Cardinals (27-2).


Click above to view the ad, narrated by Chris Schenkel. It was Jim Doran, who gathered in Layne’s winning touchdown pass in the 1953 title game, a play remembered and shown in the ad.

What’s My Line With Sean Connery And Henry Fonda

Today a fantastic episode of “What’s My Line?” which aired in October, 1965.

There were two great mystery guests, first Sean Connery and then Henry Fonda.

Panelists were Dorothy Kilgallen, Ralph Meeker, Arlene Francis and Martin Gabel.

John Charles Daly is the show’s host.

Enjoy the show.



1986 World Series Games On SNY

This week SNY is showing games from the 1986 World Series, which was contested between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox.

Games will be shown each night beginning at 7:30.

I add this note, which includes two subsequent World Series appearances by the Mets.

In 2015, incredibly, after the Mets’ second batter in game 3, David Wright hit a two run home run, the Mets have now hit a home run before making an out in four of their 5 games three, of a World Series.

Tom Agee (1969), Wayne Garrett (1973) and Len Dykstra (1986) all hit lead off home runs in game three, Dykstra’s homer leading off the game on the road.


Wayne Garrett 1971.JPG

Wayne Garrett, pictured above.