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Cities With Teams In Both The NBA And NHL Playoffs, Part 2

Toronto heads the list of remaining cities, with teams in both the NBA and NHL playoffs.

The NBA Raptors are the East top seed, while the Maple Leafs, though third in their “div,” hence sans home advantage vs Boston (the lone city with first round home advantage teams in both leagues’ ‘offs), were tied for third in points in the Eastern Conference.

Philadelphia, so successful in sports of late (the Eagles and Villanova won it all, unprecedented success a Supe title followed by an NCAA basketball crown), has the NBA East “3,” which is seemingly a good position, in the 76ers while the Flyers third in their “div,” are sans home advantage vs the defending two time NHL champion, Penguins.

Washington’s NHL Capitals lost in “too early to clash,” NHL “quarters,” to the eventual champion, Penguins the last two seasons, have home advantage vs the Columbus Blue Jackets while the “8” seed Wizards, of course do not vs the top seed Raptors in the first round.

Minnesota’s NHL Wild were 5th in overall points in the NHL but in the ridiculous “make divisions” important NHL system, are in the wrong one, finishing third and are sans “home ice” vs the Winnipeg Jets.

Meanwhile, the NBA, Timberwolves, who covered the Denver Nuggets in overtime in the season’s final game to make the ‘offs (almighty ESPN did not see fit to TV that one, making in my opinion, Doris Burke’s non stop “analysis” even worse, during a rout, Phil vs Milwaukee game they deemed the one to televise) are the West “8” seed and roughly 15 to 1 underdogs in their preliminary/first round series vs the (65-17) Houston Rockets, the latter hoping to, but facing a tough road in a bid to join the city’s baseball Astros as their league’s big prize winner.


If only the great announcer, Harry Kalas, a Philadelphia based gem, was still around to enjoy the current Philadelphia sports success.

Cities With Teams In Both The NBA And NHL Playoffs

Five cities have teams in both the NBA and NHL playoffs.

Those cities are Boston, Toronto, Washington, Philadelphia and the Minnesota/St.Paul/Minneapolis area.

Boston has the East two seed in both leagues, however the Celtics are an NBA East long shot sans Kyrie Irving, while the Bruins are second in their division and would not have home advantage in their likely “quarter,” vs the Tampa Bay Lightning.

As the first round proceeds, I will have more details and notes on the cities with teams in both the NBA and NHL playoffs.



For LeBron James, The Road Seemingly Is Always Paved

The NBA playoffs begin today with once again the Western Conference having the better teams making the great, but beyond over rated and hyped, LeBron James and his 50 wins, East “4” seed, Cleveland Cavaliers, actual slight favorites, to make the NBA Final Round.

If James, whose fine season was hailed by his “from the beginning, benefactors,” ESPN as truly great, (they won 50 games, finishing 4th in the pretty weak NBA East) and the Cavs make the NBA title round, it will be his eighth in as many seasons, since he in my opinion, in unforgivable fashion, jumped teams, which he did again and may well do yet again.







Remembering The Great Chuck McCann

Sadly, news came that the great, talented Chuck McCann has passed away at the age of 83.

His children’s show on local New York television station, WPIX (Ch.11) was legendary.

Mr.McCann was “cuckoo for cocoa puffs,” as he voiced the famous line and also stood out in the film, “The Projectionist.”

My greatest memory of Mr. McCann was his superb performance, as one who was intellectually challenged, opposite the also superb, Alan Arkin’s lead role, in the film based on Carson McCullers’ book, “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter.”

That was my greatest Chuck McCann memory, until I had the great fortune to interview him briefly, roughly 7 years ago.

His gracious manner and humor, as he thanked me for remembering his great role in an all-time movie and book, “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter.”

Thanks back to you Mr. McCann for the memories heard and seen and most of all, for making me feel so good about thinking so highly of you before we met, by being so gracious when we did meet.

Stuff much better than cocoa puffs (which, I guess a plug, was/is pretty good) awaits you, go easy Mr. McCann, and thank you again.


See the source image



The Film “Finding Your Feet,” Is Superb

Recently, I saw a superb, new film “Finding Your Feet.”

This one had most (think about it, there is no such thing as all) almost all if you will, the good things in a film, comedy, pathos and truly good writing and characters.

Richard Loncraine directed this truly moving film, with its “take a leap” message.

The entire cast turned in fine performances with Imelda Staunton (“Sandra”), Celia Imrie as her quite different? sister, “Bif” and Timothy Spall as “Charlie” leading the way. Do not miss this film!


NHL Playoffs Begin Tonight

The N.H.L. playoffs begin tonight with 3 games.

Tomorrow night, top seed, Nashville (Predators) hosts Colorado (Avalanche). Last season, the Predators made the Stanley Cup final (they lost to the repeat title winning, Pittsburgh Penguins, who clinched the crown with a Sunday night road win for the second straight season).

Though only two original 6 teams, Boston (Bruins) and Toronto (Maple Leafs) made the ‘offs, NBC and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, can’t be too upset, as only two teams from Canada made the fray (the other, the Winnipeg Jets, who finished second to Nashville in its “div” and the entire league in points.

Pittsburgh, second in its “div” faces Philadelphia (Flyers) in another first round series. Later in the series, I will post notes on simultaneous Pittsburgh and Philadelphia champions, which is the case right now as the Penguins, Philadelphia Eagles and Villanova University (Philly) all are their entity’s champion.




Andy B With WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Dudley

WWE Superstar Bubba Dudley was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during this Wrestlemania Weekend. Bubba and his tag-team partner Devon Dudley have entertained audiences around the world and the “Dudley Boyz” are well deserving of their HOF honor.

I interviewed Bubba back when he was in his “Bully Ray” bad-guy character. The wrestling story-line at the time: He was getting married to Brooke Hogan, daughter of good-guy Hulk Hogan. I caught up with him at Rick’s Cabaret in New York where his bachelor party took place.

Did the marriage ever happen?  No, but it was an awesome bachelor party!

click here for the video

Andy B, Bubba Dudley, and Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girls