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College Football Update

(12-1) Oklahoma almost certainly will join the three (13-0) teams, LSU, Ohio State and defending champion Clemson in the 4 team college football playoff.

That playoff will commence with two semi-final games, three weeks from yesterday on Saturday December 28th and conclude with the title game on Monday night January 13th.

The three unbeaten teams will be seeking their third title of the century, while Oklahoma, the team considered with the least chance to “title,” and the one that gone the longest sans a title (their last one was in 2000), will be seeking a second in this century.


Bud Wilkinson.jpg

The great coach, Bud Wilkinson won multiple national crowns with Oklahoma in the 1950’s.

College Football Update

After 13th ranked (11-2) Oregon disposed of 5th rated (11-2) Utah in last night’s Pac 12 title tilt, the “set up” is there for ABC’s coverage of the Big 12 title game (one loss Oklahoma a 9 point favorite vs one loss, Baylor). That game begins around noon, Eastern Time.

In all likelihood, the winner of that game coupled with an LSU (a touchdown favorite) win vs Georgia in the CBS/SEC title tilt, will make the 4 team college playoff. That game begins around 4 P.M. Eastern Time.

It is almost certain they will be joined by the three undefeated teams, LSU, Ohio State (top ranked and big favorites vs Wisconsin in tonight’s BIG Ten title tilt on Fox) and Clemson (4 touchdown favorites vs Virginia, in tonight’s ABC/ACC title tilt).


Georgia’s lone national title came in 1980. By far, their biggest play was a “Buck” Belue to Lindsay Scott 92 yard touchdown pass in the last minute or so, vs Florida.

Click above to view it, with Georgia broadcaster, Larry Munson’s immortal, colorful, great call.

Nice To Wake Up And Watch MeTV

I am glad that I woke up (12:30 A.M. Eastern Time), put on MeTV and watched an episode of “The Twilight Zone,” followed by two episodes of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

These two excellent anthology shows, that first aired say sixty years ago were tremendous.

Rod Serling hosted “The Twilight Zone,” while Mr. Hitchcock did so for the show that bears his name.

Last night/this morning such notables as Albert Salmi, Russell Johnson (playing a “Professor” type character, later he would be “The Professor” on “Gilligan’s Island) that on “The Twilight Zone” and Robert Horton (“Alfred Hitchcock Presents”) were cast members.



Thursday Night Game Prediction And Comments

Both teams have (6-6) records, however the Dallas Cowboys, 3 point favorites tonight in Chicago vs the Bears, are nice sized favorites to make the NFL playoffs while the Bears are decided underdogs to do so.

In tonight’s clash in Chicago, Dallas after a loss at home on Thanksgiving to the (9-3) Buffalo Bills, I say will win vs the Bears , a team that won in Detroit also last Thursday.

Dallas 20 Chicago 17.


My Bears/Cowboys “link” is Mac Percival, pictured above.

He once booted game winning field goals in consecutive weeks for the Bears (1968) while also kicking for Dallas.

NFL Week 14 Notes

There are some big NFL games on the slate for week 14, once the last week of a 14 game NFL “reg” conducted sans bye weeks.

A pair of (10-2) teams, the S.F. 49ers and New Orleans Saints meet in “The Crescent City”/New Orleans.

The Saints are slight 2 plus point(s) favorites. For the second straight week, Kevin Burkhardt will be the lead broadcaster on the Fox Network’s biggest Sunday tilt as Joe Buck again will work Thursday and not Sunday.

Other “huge” games are (10-2) Baltimore (Ravens) visiting (9-3) Buffalo (Bills) and a redux of last season’s great AFC title tilt as (8-4) K.C. (Chiefs) sojourn to face the (10-2) Patriots at their New England home, where they have emerged victorious in 21 straight games (four being playoff contests).



Baltimore, with 4 NFL crowns (two each for the Colts, who are now in Indianapolis and the Ravens) has great NFL history.

Gino Marchetti, pictured above, is a big part of that history.

“The Irishman” Is A Tremendous Film

“The Irishman” with its roster of film greats, is well worth the 3 plus hours running time, as they are filled with excellent dialog, acting and scenes.

Robert DeNiro plays Frank Sheeran, whose story unfolds in the Martin Scorsese directed film, that is so relevant regarding this country’s makeup.

Al Pacino also is great, portraying Teamsters leader, James Riddel Hoffa while Joe Pesci as Pennsylvania crime boss Russell Bufalino, delivers (as always), when given crackling scenes to play.

Harvey Keitel and Anna Paquin, are two among many, in a tremendous supporting cast.

“The Irishman” is based on Charles Brandt’s 2004 book, “I Heard You Paint Houses.” The screenplay was written by Steven Zaillian. Music by: Robbie Robertson.

One more: Among the myriad producers of the film is Irwin Winkler. I will have more on his great career as such, in a future post.



Bill Belichick And Nick Saban Notes/Update

I will check again, but I believe this past weekend/two days marks just the second time that the Bill Belichick coached New England Patriots and the Nick Saban coached Alabama Crimson Tide lost in/on the same weekend.

The two men are friends and Saban was on Belichick’s coaching staff with the Browns.

Maybe the upcoming HBO Documentary about them, did not/does not augur well for their team’s fortunes.

Alabama under Saban is out of title contention with two losses.

Meanwhile, Belichick and New England, though struggling a bit and currently behind the also (10-2) Baltimore Ravens in the AFC “standings,” are still viable title contenders.


Again, I will check and I will also have notes on each man’s great coaching record, now I say only on November 6th and 7th, 2010 did both coaches/Alabama and New England teams lose on the same weekend before doing so the last two days.