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Help Others, In This Case “Pencils of Promise,” As They Seek To Help So Many Young Women

Do not kid yourselves, we all do have plenty to b–ch about, even if we have the basics. My having the basics is no sure thing going forward. What makes it worse is that 20 years ago today, a woman who 2 nights back did not even have the decency to return a hello, was in a God forsaken home urging my mother to sign me out of her life.

Their (there were so many other conspirators involved and somehow, some day I must tell the story. Also I must “let it go, alas not an even remotely easy task) initial effort did not but eventually my mother was taken from me.

I will deal with that and perhaps detail it in the future. Also there is a very good chance the incredibly bad events that followed, involving so many people, some you may have heard of, will continue to eat at me. Not good, in fact awful!!

Yet I have and will continue to help others. Here is something to do, sponsored by the fine organization, “Pencils of Promise,” as there is need for education and progress as so many young woman face great loss of myriad opportunities because they begin to menstruate.

Please click the link below and find out more. There is great joy in helping others and so many of these young woman need our help.

The Pad Project




Oregon State “Southside With Me’s” to the National “Quarters”

So much for Sister Schmidt and Loyola Chi, I guess a nice story, but the “losing team “58,” worked vs them as upstart, “Southside With Me” but never me, “smalls” it, with Oregon State.

The Loyola team was in ’63, 8 months before much of the good ended with shots in Dallas (hey you gun toters who say guns do not kill, people do–the great, late Pete Hamill said it best as a retort to that phallic stupidity, “that’s like saying Willie Mays could hit home runs without a bat”), when they OT’d, 2 time defending champion Cincinnati (60-58) to win the crown.

Last Sunday, they wired to wired” 7 point fave, region top seed Illinois, the losing team scoring 58, as “Bell” had it “toll vs him,” but a la Boris, it fell on me.

Earlier today Oregon State (65-58) vs 7point fave Loyola. I nervously await a Zoom Seder and though areligious, please do not use certain phrases in my presence. However, forgive even forget.

I have to write a book and be succinct, with full edited sentences.

Easier said than done.

Remembering George Segal

Losing the exponentially versatile, classy and beyond talented performer, George Segal, who died days back at age 87, leaves a bigger void in all those categories and as it grows bigger and less affordable, praise and memories of Mr. Segal, perhaps, can soothe.

Working back to front, Segal always blessed with the comedic “chops,” exhibited them for newer audiences on television in shows called “Just Shoot Me” and “The Goldbergs.”

“Out of the past” me (maybe Jane Greer and Mr. Mitchum are greeting Mr. Segal now) me, watched neither, however, it is testimony to Mr. Segal and perhaps inspiration for me, that he worked until the end.

Oh the work and and performances he gave! He was part of many great full casts and I cite two. Then please consider his work as one of two, in so many great instances, some to be cited below.

My friend “The “Cheese” fell again today, a source of such frustration that she does so and is often “out of it,” battling depression. Yet when I mentioned George Segal, she came alive, citing her “love” for him, which started with his extraordinary turn in “A Ship of Fools.”

Going chalk or with the consensus is not usually me, however, the foursome of Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandy Dennis and Mr. Segal in the film adaptation of Edward Albee’s seminal book “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff?” is at or near the top of any list.

I loved George with Jane Fonda in “Fun With Dick and Jane” and with Elliott Gould, who wrote “keep broadcasting clearly” at the same ’80 Lakers’ victory party at which I met Elgin Baylor, (I put a picture of Elgin, “Silk” Wilkes and me in the “Remembering Elgin” post, but it is not there) in “California Split.”

In each, the duos tried to “beat the system” and Segal along with Jane and Elliott, made you root for them.

George could be a romantic lead of any kind and with the fabulous Glenda Jackson in “A Touch of Class,” he proved to be one of the best.

Many more, what a career, what a mensch–no higher complement! Go easy, George Segal and I will watch more of your work and try to keep going.

George Segal - 1965.jpg

George Segal, pictured above.

All Over The Place, Ripping Nantz, Raftery And The Greed Epitomized by the NCAA

Instead of a Sunday to Thursday wait from the second real round (the first games are 68 to 64 in my “book”), it is Monday until Saturday, with “quarters” on “school nights” Monday and Tuesday, with 10 or so P.M. Eastern Time starts, as a wild (4 double digit seeds still playing) NCAA Basketball Tournament progresses. (No it regresses, Nantz, his network which includes the never shuts up Raftery, rakes in the $, while the athletes get a box lunch and some deodorant. PUN INTENDED The Whole situation STINKS!! —

Yet since it once was great, some notes with death and some of the many recent deaths of sports greats noted.

Bob Gibson went to Creighton, Tom Seaver attended USC. Al Kaline can be linked to Michigan and Baylor which like the great Elgin has never won a title is favored to at least make the national semis.

Syracuse is in a third final 16 as a double digit seed, all in recent years. This year Buddy Boeheim’s hot shooting has helped his father, the team’s coach, Jim Boeheim.

Also “Syr” is doing in a period of time within a year of the great football player, Floyd Little’s death as well as that of the great actor who played him, in “The Express” about Ernie Davis, namely Chadwick Boseman.

Tournament overall seed, Gonzaga is a double digit favorite for a third straight tournament game vs Creighton, the winner to meet the USC/Oregon winner.

The lightly regarded Pac 12 has 4 teams in the final 16, (UCLA and Oregon State are the other two. I watched as posted before, “Southside and Me” regarding Barack and Michelle–how about a “vibe” (where “first brother in law” Craig Robinson once coached) on Oregon State, which made their bettors a fortune, winning 3 straight since I saw the movie and 5 straight as nice dogs, overall).

Now Oregon State, again is a big underdog, this time vs Loyola Chicago, which still has Sister Schmidt praying for them and the fact that since Mr. Robinson is no longer the Or St coach, that Barack and the former Ms. Robinson, each Chicago linked, probably are rooting for Loyola “Chi.”

Speaking of the Ramblers, they won the ’63 title when they beat defending two time champion, Cincinnati (60-58). Illinois scored 58 points in a no show, first game of the long day, Sunday vs Loyola.

Once together in the no longer Southwest Conference, Baylor (vs 2 time recent champion, Villanova, under current coach, Jay Wright) and Arkansas (a double digit one vs 15 seed Oral Roberts) are decent sized “faves” to meet in the “quarters.”

Houston, almost as near and dear to the mercenary, hard a-s (too bad the mic was on when you expressed your opinion about the players kneeling)Nantz, as his hedge funds, is a seemingly too high 6 plus point(s) fave vs Syracuse, the winner to meet the Or.St/Loyola Chi winner.

In ’99, each won titles, first Michigan in hoops when another Mr. Robinson “Rummealed” two all-time clutch free throws and then Florida State in “pig.” Now they meet in the round of 16, the winner to face the battle between the teams with the most hoops and pig titles.

Of course they are UCLA in hoops and Alabama in football.

Remembering Elgin Baylor

Clearly ahead of his time and a truly classy basketball great, Elgin Baylor, who died at age 86, was one of the sports greatest players, arguably the best forward of all-time.

He was so much more than a still record 61 points in an NBA final round game or the 71 points, he scored in one game, attended by a young then Lew Alcindor, vs the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

I will post what I wrote and read again recently, when Jim McMillian, who replaced Elgin in the Lakers’ starting lineup, died in May 2016.

Elgin made the greatest of his many great moves then, as he retired, opening the door for “Jimmy Mac.”

Despite the great play of Elgin and Jerry West, the Lakers were denied so many times by great Boston Celtics’ teams in NBA final round play.

After Elgin retired, the Lakers reeled off a still major North American sports league record 33 straight wins and eventually won their first L.A. crown.

I loved that Lakers’ team (I stopped rooting for them, or any team, 30 plus years ago) and bought “The Fabulous Lakers,” a fine book, written by Merv Harris.

In it I read that after the title clinching win, Elgin was in the Lakers’ locker room, but not actively participating in the long awaited celebration.

Someone, perhaps, even probably, coach Bill Sharman approached Elgin, reminding him, “you were a part of this also!”

He was and so much more of basketball history. The pendulum has swung so far in favor of the gifted, but who really needs them, players.

I hope they are grateful to the previous greats, such as Elgin Baylor, who again was a big part of what made basketball great, at least back in long ago, “then.”

I cite Elgin’s greatest, of many great “moves” in my tribute to Jim McMillian. 



Pictured left to right above,  Jamaal Wilkes, who two days earlier hit for 37 points (Earvin “Magic” had 42) as the Lakers won their second L.A. NBA crown, Andy B. and Elgin at the “Victory Party” 

Informed I had come from New York and that I “loved” the Lakers, their owner, Dr. Jerry Buss said “sure come on in” to that party.

In life and certainly broadcasting, I was not “let in.” Elgin never quite won a title, but seeing him that day and recalling his greatness and kindness, leaves me a lot better, than if I had not met him.



Somewhat Succinct, “STICKING” One In There vs Systemic Racism, However, This Is About Coincidences And Children– I Have Mucho Of The Former, None Of The Latter

Somewhat succinct, I start with the up and coming Oakland A’s (Jackson, Rudi, Bando and Campaneris among others are in the lineup) at Boston vs the Red Sox, on June 15, 1969. A human walk on the moon (Had “Blue Moon” Odom arrived on the A’s scene yet?) was 5 weeks away.

Here’s the “STICK IT,” On the superb podcast “Renegades” with Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen, Bruce asks how a country that sent a human to the moon could be so deep in and guilty of systemic racism?!!

A superb broadcaster, Ken Coleman asks Johnny Pesky, known more as the Red Sox shortstop, about an aspect of playing third base, which Pesky did and in fact did so in the fateful last two games of the 1949 season when the Yankees won both to win their 15th A.L. Pennant, the first of 5 straight, 14 in 16 seasons with the first 5 also culminating with subsequent World Series wins.

After the third base reference, I think of my interview with Phil Rizzuto, a great and certainly key member of those Yankees’ teams, that I conducted at his charity golf event, not long after the Red Sox ended an 86 year title drought.

Phil assured me he was “cool” with the likes of John Pesky, who was on the field, that title clinching night in St. Louis at age 85, and the Red Sox, finally winning it all.

It was not long after on the referenced June 1969 telecast, that Mr. Pesky cited his old teammate Billy Goodman, Phil Rizzuto and the White Sox’ Nelson Fox, as being superb bat manipulators.

It was also the day of the  Father/Son Game that June day at Fenway and Dick “Ducky” Schofield, who was in the 17th of his 19 big league seasons and the Bo Sox shortstop, has a son who impressed in the game.

He is Dick Schofield, who went on to a 13 year big league career, that included a one out hit to right that sent Rob Wilfong (how easily Mr. Wilfong could have been an Angels’ hero that fateful game 5 Sunday afternoon in 1986 at Anaheim!!) to third, as the potential pennant winning run, this after the much discussed and to me Shakespearian/Tragic “all it encompasses,” Dave Henderson 2RHR off Donnie Moore, that transformed the Red Sox situation from being one strike away from a 5 game ALCS loss into a 1 run top, of the 9th lead.

Finally Ken informs the audience that Carl Yastrzemski Jr. who was known as Mike, told him that the man called “Yaz,” his father, the great player, Carl Yastrzemski, was his favorite.

Pesky and Ken Coleman praise his swing. He played in the minor leagues and sadly died at age 43. His son Mike is currently playing for the San Francisco Giants.

Imagine, it is Saturday into Sunday, the coincidences and no children. Those of you who do have children, please, despite any angst or worse, appreciate that you do have them. That goes double regarding parents!!


Johnny Pesky.jpg

John Pesky, often called “Mr. Red Sox,” pictured above

“Exactly” 50 Years Since Western Kentucky Made The National Semis aka “Final Four”

There are or will be other notes, other “calendar notes.” However, let’s focus on the positive aspect of Western Kentucky’s regional final win vs Ohio State exactly 50 years ago today and one day after Oral Roberts, with its first (NCAA) “tournie” win in 47 years, eliminated a second seed, Ohio State team.

I made the huge emotional mistake of taking games and their results far too seriously. Another mistake was rooting for Ohio State, more on that another time.

Actually praise is in order for that ’71 Ohio State team which upset an undefeated Marquette team, probably the team with the best if not only chance to topple UCLA, even though it was the second of the two “in between” years at Westwood–after Lew Alcindor, soon to be Kareem Abdul Jabbar and before Bill Walton.

On that Saturday, exactly 50 years ago, I watched I believe Curt Gowdy and maybe Tom Hawkins, call the thrilling Western Kentucky win vs Ohio State.

The very good article below adds great perspective to the accomplishments of that Western Kentucky team.

John Oldham the Western Kentucky coach started his 5 best players. Their skin color did not sway Coach Oldham’s decision. Maybe not a big deal now, but then and in Kentucky!!


Jim McDaniels, pictured above, led that Western Kentucky team.

Click below to read Elliott Pratt’s fine article.

Standing Alone: WKU’s 1971 Final Four team remains in a


DQ’d Not Just For Money, But In Life

Goodness, it is exactly 39 years since a group of us were disqualified on, or out of, a 2355 dollar daily double, on Friday March 19, 1982.

“Animal Schtunk,” one of many who mistreated, then “ghosted” me, is right regarding people being disappointed when told, we did hit for 1200 dollars on that double.

His conversation with my mother is a classic, my mother saying we should have been happy plus 1200, which thanks to him became 800. I correctly wanted to leave, when we got DQ’d.

The worst part is we, my mother and me, were worried about an eventual, very evil aunt, who more than any other is responsible for my mother’s death.

Fifteen years later my mother prayed at my father’s grave, for an uncaring uncle.

Quoting and paraphrasing Bruce Springsteen, shakily confident in karma, wishing me well and that they will see their wrong—“They’re still here, my parents and in many ways me, are all gone!!”

Hilltop Cooking Picture and Praise, Perry Barber Then Carl Erskine

It is an honor to be liked and praised by some great sites, including Thom Hickey’s “The Immortal Jukebox,” others and now noting, “Hilltop Cooking.”

I will check out the highly entertaining and determined, excellent umpire, Perry Barber, who happens to be female, on a Zoom chat in the afternoon.

At night, “zooming”  Carl Erskine,  a Dodgers’ star pitcher and 94 years old, as The New York Giants Preservation Society keeps the “hits” coming, with “Oisk,” a 2 time, no hit pitcher.

Hilltop Cooking has this picture below. It is tempting to “get personal” with the screen.


Chocolate Crepes With Spiced Pumpkin Butter Filling And Maple Pecan Syrup.

Check out these great sites.

The Immortal Jukebox | A Blog about Music and Popular Culture

New York Giants Preservation Society

Hilltop Cooking


A Year Earlier: Regarding Babe, Mickey, Roger and Henry

The Yankees, having clinched their 25th pennant (it was the first of 5 straight pennants) a week or so earlier in Boston, have won 12 straight games and are opening the final series, a 3 game entity, at home, on September 30, 1960.

33 years earlier on a Sunday Sept 30, the ’60 “version” was on a Friday, Babe Ruth connected off Tom Zachary for his 60th home run, breaking his own record of 59.

A year later in ’61, (the September calendar was shown on a “Twilight Zone” episode last night on MeTV), Roger Maris, who had 39 home runs on that Sept 30 and for the ’60 season, connected off Tracy Stallard, for his 61st home run, breaking the Babe’s record, though notated with an infamous asterisk.

That night in ’60, the great Henry Aaron, who we lost recently (yesterday news the under rated, personable actor, Yaphet Koto passed away) hit his 39th home run vs the eventual ’60 champion, Pittsburgh Pirates, who had already clinched the N.L. Pennant.

Less than 14 years later, as with fellow 39 home runs on Sept. 30, 1960, Roger Maris, Aaron connected vs Al Downing, for his 715th home run, breaking another of Babe Ruth’s great records.


Mickey Mantle - New York Yankees - 1957.jpg

While Ernie Banks led a tight “bigs” Home Run race with 41 in 1960, Mickey Mantle, (pictured above), who would hit 54 such in ’61 (Babe also hit 54 in one season) led the A.L. with 40 in 1960. 

Mr. Aaron, praised a great deal by Mickey on a Dick Cavett Show, had 40 HR’s in ’60, teammate Ed Mathews like Maris had 39 while Jim Lemon of the A.L. Senators hit 38 out.