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Boston/New York Means Little

Thankfully the hype surrounding the not so important (even in a baseball sense) weekend series between Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees has subsided a bit as “Bost” enters the moved Yankee Stadium, having moved four and a half ahead–(winning 8 straight games) in the one eighth division.

Though the Yankees, once half a game ahead, prompting another talking head/know it all Frank Isola to say they would win the division, have lost ground to “Bost,” they are still ahead in a bid to be the home team, in that most bogus of games, in which the winner becomes one of eight teams remaining in the baseball tournament.


“Valley Volley And Back”

Recently, I watched a great, albeit “edited” episode of “The Big Valley” that originally aired in 1967, in which emerging actresses Ellen Burstyn, who became a great, and Karen Black, eventually very good, showed signs of their eventual success.

Lee Major’s “Heath” is brought up on “trumped” (Optimum, the cable system used that word in the program description) up charges, as Black’s character “Carla” lies, while Ms. Burstyn playing a nun, (“Sister Jacob”) once in love with Major’s “Heath,” does much to defend him.

As usual, Richard Long, whose life was the opposite of his surname, cutting far too short a fine career, stood out with intensity as “Jarrod.”

Mr. Long was in the film, “The Stranger” helping Edward G. Robinson’s character bring to justice, a former and turns out current Nazi murderer, played by Orson Welles. Mr.Long more than “held his own” in support of those two acting greats.

The “Big Valley’ episode ended with the great Barbara Stanwyck’s “Victoria” talking with Burstyn’s character, surely a scene with “passing of the torch” implications.

Ms. Black was also “no slouch” also playing a key scene with Ms. Stanwyck, in the beautiful episode, titled “A Fall From Grace.”


It would not hurt.



Willie Davis and Tommy Davis, Willie Davis and Tommy Davis

In thinking back to the somewhat glorious sports of the 1960’s, I recall players named Willie and Tommy Davis in baseball and Willie and Tommy Davis in football.

Baseball’s Tommy Davis, a personal favorite, had a year for the ages in 1962 playing for the L.A. Dodgers. He drove in 153 runs!

Football’s Tommy Davis did both the punting and place kicking for the San Francisco 49ers. He also did the same for the 1958 college champion, Louisiana State Tigers.

Staying in football, the Packers’ Willie Davis is a member of the Pro Football of Hall of Fame. As a great defensive end, he played on five NFL championship teams with “G.B.”

Baseball’s Willie Davis was considered the fastest man in baseball in his time. He played on two World Series winners with the L.A. Dodgers.




Some Television Notes As Escape

Some Television Notes

In an attempt to get away from the mistakes and any sports, some brief notes while watching some old and older television shows.

A detective on “Murder She Wrote,” an terrific approximately 35 year old show starring the great Angela Lansbury, is named Gerard, in fact Lieutenant Gerard, I believe. This is homage to the great 50 plus year old show, “The Fugitive,” which starred David Janssen, and featured Barry Morse as “Lieutenant Gerard.”

A great actor, George Macready, turned in a fine performance maybe 55 or more years ago, as a vengeful judge on “The Rifleman,” which starred former Brooklyn Dodgers’ player, Chuck Connors.

A newer still current show “Ray Donovan” is fascinating, not as great as in earlier seasons but still great.

I watched the very first episode, usually a good idea when possible and I can see how the story arc and characters were building. I have the 20 20 hindsight, credit the writer, Ann Biderman, for great foresight.


Nearly fifty years later, I will try to keep “running” for justice but do so without Mr. Janssen’s strength.

Click below to view Mike Phelp’s (my favorite Mike Phelps) site and comments concerning Mr. Janssen.










WNBA Update/Cheese There

Both David Stern and Adam Silver, two all-time mercenary people favor legalized gambling on NBA and by extension WNBA games. I do not know about that.

Yesterday a “parlay” of the Dallas Wings and Indiana Fever, each at home vs the top two teams, the best record and often champion, Minnesota Lynx and defending champion/second best record L.A. Sparks paid off at 23 and a half to one, as each scored victories vs clearly superior teams, but ones, who had little motivation, at least regarding the standings.

It seems this happened last season and I posted regarding it then.


Plenty of “cheese” once a year going vs the top two WNBA teams.

Click below to read regarding the opportunity lost from last season.

ESPN mistakes always set me off— (to the tune of “Rainy Days And Mondays”) posted the wrong date as to when the 1912 New York Giants began the 50 game span in which they won 43 games, an incredible feat matched yesterday by L.A. (Dodgers).

The 1912 streak began on May 4th not May 14th, not a big deal but they couldn’t get it right?! Cue Lou Jacobi’s voice.

No pickle nor, or is it or(R) (Bobby was so great and is so kind and modest) deli sandwich can help now.

Springsteen sang “no retreat, no surrender” but since DeMatteo and Trump were non bet winners and L.A./others loom— I do both, at least for now.


Click below to hear Karen sing “Rainy Days And Mondays.”

Carpenters – Rainy Days And Mondays

Crute, Man, Crute (Too Bad it was not vs DeMatteo)

A Chance Meeting Inspires Thoughts About Morris Crute

The name on the man’s badge was familiar and somewhat unusual.

It was Crute and I asked the man if he was related to Morris Crute.

Morris Crute led Yonkers High School to a basketball crown in 1973.

Mr. Crute also hit a “Jerry West” type, long, desperation shot to tie a post-season game.

In West’s case it was in the third game of the 1970 NBA Finals but his team lost both the game and the series.

Crute’s shot was in a must win game for Yonkers High and they went on to stop a great high school player, college title winner with Marquette and NBA finalist, Bernard Toone, in their title win.