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Perspective through the Inspirational Ed Lucas

September 16, 2014

Though the situation and the stakes will be so different, it is almost certain that the baseball Giants franchise, in San Francisco after moving from New York in 1957, will face “baseball elimination” in a Wednesday game in early October as was the case in both 1951 and 1962.

I can share the facts and my intensity both for the game and the fact that the presence of wild card teams, negating the need to finish in first place, helped ruin the game of baseball, which I loved.

Then I realized that the night of the game a man named Ed Lucas will address the “New York Giants Preservation Society” at the Bergino Clubhouse in New York City.

Ed is a passionate baseball fan, more important a writer, even more important a man who has overcome adversity and most important of all, one who helps others.

He is related to baseball history and his story is both inspiring and an important lesson.

Ed was a big Giants baseball fan and at age 12 experienced the euphoria of seeing Bobby Thomson’s pennant winning home run in person at the Polo Grounds on Wednesday October 3,1951.

On that same day, an accident playing the game Ed still loves, took away his eyesight.

His story and life is extraordinary and I look forward to seeing and hearing Ed Lucas speak this coming October 1st.

The game that day, likely, but not definitely, to be played in SF will be on the minds of many in attendance.

However, I know Ed has inspired and helped me as I realize it is just a game. People like Ed Lucas, and not athletic exploits should inspire us to do, not necessarily the extraordinary, but at least the ordinary and not dwell on baseball’s loss as regrettable as it might be.

My “PS” is there will be an upcoming post specifically about Ed Lucas and his inspirational life.

Ed Lucas with Gene Michael

Ed Lucas with Gene Michael

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