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Apples, Oranges and Cherry Blossoms

February 23, 2012

“A Weekend with Oscar” provided awe inspiring screenings of all five nominated documentaries for the Academy Award. Nominated short subject-animated and short subject-live action films were shown as well. I was fortunate to see 15 efforts of creativity, humor and pathos that were truly outstanding.

Host, Patrick Harrison, a great one both in introducing the work and in informal chats with audience members, talked of how our emotions would go up and down while watching the documentaries. He was so accurate as all five nominated works tugged at one’s heart. A beautiful “Hart,” Dolores, was the subject of “God is the Bigger Elvis” about her decision to become a cloistered nun and end her movie career and engagement.  “The Barber of Birmingham,” “Incident in New Baghdad,” “Saving Face,” and “The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom,” all tell compelling stories. I often lament my own misfortunes but after watching the horror and courage depicted in the five documentaries, I hope to continue to seek the “higher ground” in life. Who will win? The Awards are apples and oranges–but cherry blossoms and the work of those who died, are there to inspire us.


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